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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  December 4, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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they came out and made it popular. i don't think there are more atheists but there are atheist. >> joy: pick up reverend spark's book. "laugh your way to grace." thank you for watching.
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>> they asked republicans, what do you think happened to elections? 49% of republicans say that they thought acorn stole the election for president obama. acorn!
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let me explain acorn no longer exists. ifit filed for bankruptcy in 2010. these republicans are cuckoo for cocoa puffs. to say that the election was stolen is insanity to begin with. look, i think half of the republicans vote that way because they don't know what is going on. their pastor told them, or they think they're doing it right the other half are literally insane. we have 25% of the country saying oh, my god, 21 is coming and it's because of acorn and obama stole the election and put it on mars! you're insane! 49% of them think this. oh unbelievable! all right now we turn to the second issue general petraeus. now he was, of course, caught with the mistress, etc. his
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career is done. but before it was done, when he was in afghanistan and president obama was offering him as head job of the c.i.a. the head of fox news sends an fox news analyst to interview him and then delivers the real message. >> i got something to say to you, by the way. >> no one else was in the room i hope? >> well, directly to advance is-- >> i'm not running. >> that's not the question at this time. he said if offered chairman, take it. if you're offered anything else, don't take it. wait six months and run for president. >> cenk: that's amazing. that's the head of fox news. republican party tell general petraeus to take joints chief
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job that's offered. if the c.i.a. is taken, don't take it. drop out run for president. that's amazing. now look, petraeus did not take that. it's not like he's controlled by fox news, by apparently roger ailes thought i'll give it a shot. the news analyst katie mcfarland, and she had more--in fact, petraeus said rupert murdoch, the owner of news corp, also reached out to him. >> you might want to chat with roger and rupert mourdock for that matter. >> cenk: rupert is after me, too, i bet. who ising going to bankroll it? who is going to lead the campaign? let's sort it out. >> bankroll it? >> maybe i'm confusing that with rupert. >> i think bankrolling is the big boss. the big boss is bankrolling it.
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the rest of us are going to be your in-house. >> okay. >> we're all set. >> cenk: yeah, they're all set. they were ready to go, man. they have this little thing hatched up. they send in somebody to "interview" him and give him what they would like. it's amazing. it's amazing. and then if doesn't just go one way. it goes both ways. petraeus was also asked what would you like us to do on fox news? watch. >> i love roger. >> i know, and he loves you. and i'm supposed to say directly from him to you through me is first of all is there anything that fox is doing right or wrong that you want to tell us to do differently. >> cenk: all right, so apparently they're willing to take orders from petraeus as well. so now we've got a lot more for you on this, but let me start by--let me go to romney, too. while i'm rolling let's keep on going. the guy who did run for
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president was mitt romney. and he's now being followed around in california by tmz among other folks. they spotted him at a costco. he has glasses on, a hat on and he's trying to hide. not really working--watch. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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>> cenk: that's almost kind of sad. that's not the right look for mitt romney. everybody is here. ana kasparian, jayar jackson and michael shure with you guys. so, first of all ana let me just start on the romney thing there. >> sure. >> cenk: man he's corporate look is the look for him. he looked like a creeper in that outfit. now the thing is, my question to you is what would you do if your mitt romney. >> i would do exactly what he's doing now. i think it's funny that people are picking on him and making fun on him. it looks sad because we look at him as this extremely fabulously rich guy who probably doesn't do anything himself. but who doesn't enjoy a trip to costco with a free sample. >> cenk: and he's in la jolla it's time to enjoy that car. liz with us as part of our crew
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today. we have word that he's joining the marriott board for the third time. is that the direction you would go? what would you do if you were romney. >> i'm not sure that backwards is always the best way to go. let's go back to your namesake, back to marriott. i don't think i would go to costco, although i'm not one that trolls costco for the snacks. i don't have it in me, and the optics of him being in costco is hilarious. it's the one middle class establishment that requires a membership. i think it's hilarious of all the places he goes is costco. god. >> cenk: here's a couple of other funny things about what he bought too. apparently he bought a toy camaro. an american-made camaro, but this one was made in china. and then talking about all the
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american cars he owns. >> i like the fact that the the cars that i see are american made. i drive a chevy pickup truck and ana drives an cadillac: >> cenk: and he was seen driving an audi. let's go back to petraeus, fox news we'll back you up. >> there was an edict sent out by president of the news network, who has said to all the producers of the shows you need explicit permission to book dick morris or karl rove. you cannot just put them on any more because they were so wrong and so off on the elections. that's what politico is reporting, that this is how fox is changing things. no more karl rove and no more
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dick morris without a note from teacher. >> cenk: that's interesting. that was your movement to fire dick morris. >> yeah, i had a hash tag to fire dick morris. >> cenk: and you know what, we're going to make sure that he's off the air. >> if i had only taped it. they called and i forgot to push record. >> cenk: i'm jumping around here but. another interesting note, ann wintour, i don't know how to pronounce it. >> you did a nice job. >> cenk: might become ambassador to england or france. lizz, let me go back to you on this one. >> it's chic and fashion. >> cenk: yes, i didn't have to go to jayar. >> this one, i'm also kind of with you on this. i'm not a big get my fall vogue person but i did see "devil wears prada" which i believe was
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based on her insane anti- anti-diplomacy apparently you can be the biggest creton in the business. >> cenk: lizz makes a great point. this no longer seems amazing. okay, you have president obama half million dollars. now you'll be given something for that legalized bribe you collected for. >> this has gone on forever especially with france and england, that these two appointments specifically are reserved for people who have been able to get together a lot of money. >> i'm imagining a world how much can we raise for a president that we want. we go to them, hey can i get
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ambassador position with you and what is it that we're doing right to help you out? i just imagine the world and how much it's influenced. >> cenk: what is 20 bucks get me? can i get ambassador. >> bill maher gave $1 million. bill maher should be the ambassador to, i don't know, anywhere. it's really a shock and that's it. i don't know. >> how terrified is that embassy staff right now. >> cenk: oh, yeah, yeah. by the way, bill maher raised as much as anna wintour. so it should be twice as important as england maybe china. >> cenk: or the ambassador to hbo, do we need a liaison between america and hbo, it's
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not television, it's hbo. >> thank you for joining us, lizz, we appreciate it. all you guys are great. let's take a break and when we come back we'll talk politics, and boehner, of course, it's a disaster. we'll have fun making fun of it. >> look, before we start we do not need and should not be talking about benefit cuts. >> cenk: and the elbow of the day is going to be a little dramatic. it's going to be suspense in this one. will it go on the guy that you think it's going to go on? hmm, a weird drama later in the show. answer in a moment.
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>>. >>.
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cook what you love and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. let's rock and roll. there is so much going on that every day presents another exciting issue. from financial regulation, iran getting a nuclear bomb, civil war in syria, fraud on wall street, destruction of medicare and medicaid. there are real issues here. having been a governor, i know that trade-offs are tough. things everyday exploding around
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the world that leave no shortage for exciting conversations. i want our viewer to understand why things have happened. at the end of the show, you know what has happened, why its happened and more importantly, what's going to happen tomorrow. >> cenk: we've the latest in the grand bargain negotiations. democrats gave they are first offer, republicans theirs. their both largely nonsense. we know they're going to meet somewhere in the middle but it has to play out. we're told nbc is a liberal network. interesting. andrea mitchell asked questions that are completely loaded in favor of cutting social security and medicare, which is not remotely liberal. she almost tries to browbeat. watch. >> are you willing to work with the president to go against aarp to bring house departments along
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for cuts with the most popular programs? >> the savings that we know we can continue to add on that we achieved in the affordable care act. >> beyond that, you've got to go beyond that if you're going to get anything from the other side. >> electric, look, we already had $716 billion achieved in the affordable care act adding eight years of solvency. the president put $600 billion in entitlement savings on the table. we do not need and should not be talking about benefit cuts, which is what the republicans put on the tail in their letter until we know that we have looked at every opportunity to achieve savings in the entitlement programs that we have now. >> cenk: i like that debbie wasserman-schultz stood up. it was interesting that everybody in the mainstream media assumes you must cud medicare and social security when over three quarters of the country do not want that under
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any circumstances. let's bring in our political correspondent, michael shure here. ok jay carney also thought that it was comical. let's watch. >> you put a couple of sentences on it's not a plan to say that we're going to magically increase revenues through loopholes, closures and deduction caps approximate with not a single element of specificity. we don't know who pays. we don't know what we're talking about in terms of actual legislation to increase revenues. it's magic beans and fairy dust. >> i have not heard of the term magic beans. it's interesting. he says $800 billion in revenue. he's going to lower the tax rates anyway. he never explained it, did he,
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michael? >> not once. there was zero specificity, as carney said, you would have to read the letter and see. >> cenk: just trust me, nonsense right? the $600 billion changes to medicare and medicaid, they're cutting mandatory programs, cutting discretionary spending, $300 billion and by the way $200 billion in cuts to social security but changing the consumer price index. as you look at this, it looks really unpopular. >> it is, too. boehner's in a tough spot right now, because you have defected, yes, held the house but their house caucus is fractured. you have people in the tea party wing saying under no circumstances are we going to vote for anything that increases taxes. >> the heritage foundation and conservatives fighting back to boehner saying it's not enough. we need much more. we need to you hack away at social security and medicare more, so now boehner is between
4:21 pm
a rock and a hard place thee theoretically. it's atrue we don't want to have too much sympathy for john boehner. >> let's cry. >> and your tan looks great. it's a very unusual position for a speaker to be in. that is why the popularity and who is to blame the way people say who is to blame they say people are 53% to blame the president 27%. >> cenk: that number has not moved. people are saying obama is reasonable boehner and the republicans unreasonable. easy got to make a deal in that sense, too. they're going to do the grand bargain. both sides are really, really motivated. both sides are super motivated. now really good piece of news about elizabeth warren. >> she was named to the bank
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committee. two senators retiring in january announced they're retirements. they were on the bank committee. the bank spent a lot of money to see her not get elected spent a lot of lobbying power to see her not named the the committee. remember, $3 million were given to scott brown by bankers in that campaign, $245,000 only to warren. >> they knocked her out of the consumer protection bureau, which was her idea. she just wants safe banking. she doesn't want banking she wants safer banking so your money is safe and they don't gamble with it. that's why the banks hate it. >> it's why smaller banks are not opposed to warren. >> that's a great point. i love that they put mention in there, hey banks we have to put elizabeth warren, but don't worry, we're going to give you
4:23 pm
mansion who will vote for you no matter what. he's a democratic theoretically but votes with republicans a lot. one last thing about votes, john kerry out there making an impassed plea for disability rights backed up by bob dole. >> this treaty and our participation in it, and this is the most important can improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, because to join it is to keep faith with the men and women who have suffered griefous disability in defense of our nation and we owe them nothing less. please don't let captain brizenski down, senator dole down, the senate and the country down. approve that treat. >> i. >> senator dole gravely ill comes in in a wheelchair.
4:24 pm
>> it didn't pass, john kerry called it the saddest day he remembers in his 28 year career as a senator. >> bob dole in a wheelchair, zero sympathy. >> it's really a shame. they say it was a challenge to sovereignty, it was a terrible, terrible vote. >> cenk: thank you michael. >> when we come back, we've got 100,000 people marching on the egyptian presidential palace. we've got chemical weapons in syria. in iran, did they have a couple of our drones? we'll talk about that. >> the iranians brought down what they called a scan eagle zone after it violated iranian air space. it's a small surveillance drone. >> cenk: then chris christie.
4:25 pm
remember how much he hates the government? maybe singing a little different tune today. >> it's because government's now telling them stop dreaming, stop striving. we'll take care of you.
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>> she gets the comedians laughing... >> that's hilarious! >> ...and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there's wiggle-room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> she's joy behar. ... and current will let me say anything. >> only on current tv. >> cenk: the middle east is on fire, of course, what else is new, right? first we start in egypt where the new president has time to give himself unchecked powers with no oversight over his additions. tens of thousands of protestors marching on the palace. they've breached blockades barbed wire and it is a mess
4:28 pm
over there. they say this is the last stand and the last warning. over in syria the government is apparently moving its chemical weapons. now, of course is a red line for nato and the u.s. and even russia is concerned about this, saying if you use chemical weapons, then the international community will have to respond. already 40,000 dead in syria. >> in iran, they have apparently captured another of our drones. >> they claim they brought down a scan eekle on the ground the zone. it's a small surveillance drone generally used to watch their own ships not an armed drone. if iran brought it down, the u.s. will see that as an aggressive action. last month they tried to shoot one down in the same place.
4:29 pm
ayear ago iran claimed to have brought down a more technical drone. >> cenk: that is three different instances of at least firing or capturing one of our drones. the last time the americans said no absolutely not, one of our drones just happened to get lost. later, they said yeah, ok, that was our drone. by the way we want it back from iran. we're just flying an illegal drone over your air space would you give i did back to us. iran said no. take a look at this map. look at our bases and fleet surrounding iran. somebody said iran is starting to start a war with the u.s. look how close they put their country to our military bases. the issue of the zone is tragic. in iran, they're just doing surveillance as far as we though.
4:30 pm
walter green went to pakistan to look into this further, one of the few journalists doing that, president of the brave new foundation, also the director of rethink afghanistan, koch brothers exposed author. what did you see? >> it was extraordinary the moral issues, security issues. they interview people and put them on film, old people, young people talking about family members killed by our zones. they would turn to me and say please will you go talk to president obama and explain to him we're poor people, uneducated people, we're thought terrorists as if i could walk into the president's office. one man holds up a picture of his mother, 65 years old and he brought the picture to prove to me she was not a terrorist. so we're doing some awful things in materials of killing
4:31 pm
and it's important that we begin to make the moral argument, but also, there's a security argument. we have taken, there are 100 bad guys over there and turned it into a million people who detest us now for what we're doing to them their community, homes and schools. schools are empty in the tribal area because parents are afraid to send them to school, because the drones are over 24/7. it's not just when they strike and kill, it's the ongoing presence, who is going to be assassinated next. >> collections of people draw strikes. i wish we lived in a world where president obama would actually listen to a progressive like you, robert, but unfortunately we're not in that world. so now, i understand you talked to enron kahn who might be interim president in afghanistan. i want to show that. >> there was a drone attack three months back that killed seven people. the rescuers came, another drone
4:32 pm
attack killed seven more. more rescuers came, another drone attack, they killed 22 people. how can you justify that no. >> there is what's called a double tell. what do we do here? explain it and why are we doing it? >> remember, we are not at war with pakistan. this is being done by the c.i.a. it's not being done by the military. there is a whole series that legal questions coming up from the united nations and countries around the world investigations going on. we are supporting some of the bills that are asking for investigations. the dowell tap which if it can be proven may well be an actual legal war crime is there's a strike, people are hurt and i had a young boy tell me this story and it was very, very powerful. people then wanted to go to help the people who have been hurt by the drone strike, many of them who are innocent and they're afraid to go because those who are helped are hit with often
4:33 pm
what's called a double tap. the video we just released, 178 children, children have been killed by the drones. that's an extraordinary number and it's very clear these are not terrorists. >> they say anybody who is military age male, what does that mean, we're all military aged males, they can bomb this whole place it's considered a militant. we don't know if that's true, but the children are not military aged militants we know that those deaths are wrong and ron confident ahn talked about the feelings of anti americanism that arise from that. >> marriage ceremonies have been bombed funerals have been bombed. tribal elders holding a council they bomb them. killed 40 elders.
4:34 pm
all it's doing is increasing militant cy and hatred. >> cenk: why are we doing it as if. >> if you believe in military solutions to problems, you invade, occupy kill and use drones. it is turning a huge population against us. actually, drones are a security problem, because they're making us less safe. at one person said to me, taliban, al-qaeda, they don't need to recruit anymore. they go to where a drone has struck and those people powerless, angry and furious are lining up and saying take us next. >> cenk: there is so much more that you guys have released in video that is so powerful. they talk about the terror of constantly being under those drones. the word i use is appropriate terror. they live in terror.
4:35 pm
>> cenk: when we come back, we're going to switch to a totally different kind of war the war on christmas. we're going to declare a war of the war on christmas. >> you're probably aware by now our nation's been empty broiled in a long, bitter war. >> the first salvo in the war on christmas. >> the war on christmas. >> the war on christmas. >> the war on christmas. >> the war on christmas. >> the war on christmas. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh,
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>> cenk: bill o'reilly has been conducting this insane war on christmas idea. undeterred by the fact that jesus christ was born nowhere near december 25 people think around september is when his birth was if he really existed. oh my god, i can't believe i said that. the christmas tree was an old pagan tradition.
4:39 pm
bill o'reilly is not interested in facts he decided to attack the governor of rhode island. watch. >> governor, a holiday tree, a holiday tree, really governor? where did the holiday tree come from? >> last year, when the subject came up about what we're going to do at this time of year, i said just do what the previous governor did we're not going to change thinking. that's what we did. somehow this has erupted into some kind of controversy. i did what the governor did before. >> all i want to do is keep the traditions of christmas that make most americans happy. most americans want to call it a christmas tree. you're imposing your will and making unhappy in the season of joy. >> cenk: you're in the minority.
4:40 pm
they should shut their mouths and have no rights whatsoever. that's right we don't live in that kind of government where we're supposed to not establish a religion. where did the christmas tree come from anyway? >> it came from slavac traditions. early christians were dead set against them. they were pagan trees. then he brings out and atheist to have a fight with him. >> you're an atheist. that's fine. i don't look down on you. >> thank you. >> if you want to be one we're in america be it. why you are messing around with my tradition christmas just leave it alone you and your periband of fascists. >> you called me a fascist. i'm a patriot sir who has taken the crazyette notion that everybody in the country is
4:41 pm
equal and the government has to treat everybody fairly. that's fascism. >> you said banish christmas trees. >> i did not say that. >> do you know how touchy they get if you mention fascist in the right wing. o'reilly throws it around like nobody's business. let's go to the facts on this so-called christmas tree. let them over whom the fires of hell are imminent: >> do you understand that? calling the pagan tree a christmas tree, bill o'reilly, you might burn in hell. we're not done. i want to give credit to a great
4:42 pm
point. if bill o'reilly cared about what he talks about wouldn't he hate christmas and be doing the war on christmas? all christmas is is a redistribution of wealth. now, who would be the makers are christmas? well, the makers would be the elves, right? and who would be the takers? those annoying little kids. why you are taking from the makers and giving to the takers, bill o'reilly? why are you doing that to america. this isn't right bill. i knew somebody who told me it wasn't right. >> people feel that they are entitled to things and they want stuff. >> cenk: they want stuff like in christmas, a christmas tree. i was in favor of that. oops. awesome. we also have muslims who think along the same lines. you must practice our holidays.
4:43 pm
>> cenk: at least bill o'reilly didn't call for beheading folks. he does agree if it's the major tyree lidgeen in that state everybody must follow it. way to agree with fundamentalist muslims, bill. >> when we come back, a little fun, a little sexy time. is there such a thing as sex addiction? we will solve it when we come back. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
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4:47 pm
>> cenk: we're going to do a couple of fun stories here. anna's going to tell us about this. >> we're going to do a bit of sexploration. nadia wasn't able to travel home the day before thanksgiving, but she thought she would take advantage of the opportunity and have sex all throughout campus and then write about it. >> cenk: i read the whole thing. >> i'm sure you did. a lot of people travel back home, so the campus was relatively empty. she talked about about some of it writing:
4:48 pm
>> you guys get it. >> cenk: wait until bill o'reilly gets ahold of that. you talk about the war on christmas. >> she starts off in the library, but gets into the details. she wants to give the student some advice on what they should do if they do want to fornicate in the library: >> cenk: i'm going to put a pause right here. i think i got to be grandpa cenk, i'm too old now. in the old days, i would have been like yeah, you know what i'm saying. in these days, i'm like if my daughter wrote that, i don't know. >> is it the writing part of it or i'm thinking if i'm reading that note to self, don't go to that section of the books or touch those books where things
4:49 pm
have been penetrated and pages sticking together. >> you cut out the dear forum i they ever thought if would happen to me. this has existed forever grandpa cenk, this sort of erotica. >> i think the way that she wrote it was very blunt and in a lot of ways vulgar. she uses the f. word multiple times and talks about him penetrating her. for some reason the word penetrate made me a little comfortable -- uncomfortable. >> a slip. we didn't say anything. >> out of nowhere she said the word grab. i'm like that wasn't written anywhere. >> all right, all right. but also, keep in mind that berkely is a very liberal campus
4:50 pm
where you are encouraged to explore your sexuality: >> cenk: this is where i get a little conservative again. like if it was my daughter, no more naked orgies. >> if cenk read this years ago he would be all for this column. >> we f.ed here and penetrate here and i found that book and stuck that and -- [ laughter ] >> i don't want to hear anymore.
4:51 pm
>> cenk: as if that wasn't enough, let's talk about sex addiction. >> we talk about sex addiction from time to time and question whether it actually exists. is it something pharmaceutical companies made up to push drugs in the future? one woman said it is real and published a comprehensive book on sex addiction in britain. she interviewed 350 people to do research for this book. it's interesting. she thinks that porn is the gateway to sex addiction. she says pop is like the gateway drug, unlike drugs or alcohol users don't even realize they're dealing with something that might proof to be addictive. >> in the past, i was skeptical about this, too like sex addicts, yeah, it's called men right, and to some degree women because we have d.n.a. we're we're instructed to do that. we're built to do that. in my old age again i've
4:52 pm
become more reasonable. there are some people who have an unhealthy addiction and will destroy their lives, bank accounts, to go to prostitutes,ette set at a. i think it's real. >> i totally think it's real. i know people who have allegedly. there's not a great deal of see this for it, oh, my gosh, i feel terrible, my friend's addicted to sex. >> cenk: he keeps getting laid over and over again. i feel terrible for him. >> there's a compulsiveness about it that leads to addiction a. >> cenk: are we nan mouse? >> people going through a tough time are looking for something to escape, too and a lot of times it is drugs and alcohol. a lot of times people who become addicted to sex the reason it happens is that's their escapism what they do. >> cenk: among all the different escape routes, maybe there's a better one. when we come back, elbow of the day. i might do something illegal
4:53 pm
there. drama when we return. i want our viewer to understand why things have happened. at the end of the show, you know what has happened, why its happened and more importantly, what's going to happen tomorrow.
4:54 pm
(vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. 05 >> cenk: if there's one thing we know about chris christie. he is against federal aid. he does not believe in handouts
4:55 pm
from the government. this is him speaking this year. >> government is now telling them stop dreaming, stop striving, we'll take care of you. we are turning into a paternalistic entitlement type society. >> cenk: it is outrageous, we don't need the stinking government. you feel you're entitled to things right? after superstorm sandy guess what he wanted money from? the federal government. he is entitled to seventies 5% of cost and repairs, et cetera. he didn't ask for 75%. >> i am requesting that the federal government exercise its discretion: >> cenk: what happened, chris? you don't want to feel entitled
4:56 pm
to that, do you? you don't need no stinking federal government. that's a honedout, man so pull up your belt if you can. that's wrong. glass house, but number one, ok, so chris christie, here we go, i'm going -- wait a minute. while i was away, apparently this happened on the "young turks." >> chris christie, from the "young turks," we wish you a very very happy thanksgiving and say to you governor christie for the rest of 2012, we will not utter an ill word about you and we look forward to 2013. >> cenk: i can't drop the elbow. i've got to give him a pardon for the rest of the year. why did you do that? we'll put somebody else in the middle of the ring. who was also an absurd makeup? well, rush has got a different theory on what happened to lee
4:57 pm
von belcher. >> can we talk about the damage that decades of liberalism have done to the american family, particularly minority families, but it's nevertheless, there is a social dissent allegation taking place in way too many parts of this country and there are reasons why it is happening. this deterioration and cultural rot is often glorified. >> cenk: rush limbaugh, married four different times. divorced three times. yeah it's the liberal's fault. by the way, also if you noticed he mentioned oh, minorities. he later went on to say if i told you wha
4:58 pm
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